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As this is many parent's first time in signing their kid's up for an organized sports team, or first time with our club in general, this section is devoted to frequently asked questions that can hopefully be clarified here (many of these answers are also in the parent handbook):

No.  The NOCYFC FB program is open to any individuals who reside within the Conewago Valley School District and are in grades 1-7 when the season starts.  Although there is no minimum age requirement, FB players must not be older than 13 as of August 31st of the season.

With 1st through 7th graders playing, does that mean my 1st grader will be competing against 7th graders?
No.  Your child will be placed in a division amongst their peers based on grade level and age.  Our Rink division is for 1st through 3rd graders, with a maximum age of 9 by August 31st of the season.  Our Pony division is for 4th and 5th graders with a maximum age of 11 years old by August 31st of the season.  Our Midget division is for 6th and 7th graders with a maximum age of 13 years old by August 31st of the season.


No.  The NOCYFC Cheer program is open to any individuals who reside within the Conewago Valley School District and are in grades 1-7 when the season starts.  During your registration process, please register under the division according to your child's grade level for this upcoming fall! Once the season starts, the cheer coaches will place each child based on their evaluations.

Does Cheer follow the same divisions as FB?

Cheer will have a team for each of the 3 football varsity divisions and each applicable FB JV team (if numbers permit).  The placement will be based on an "evaluation" format.  This is similar to the "tryout" format at the Middle School programs, but each cheerleader on the NOCYFC is guaranteed a spot with their registration.  NO ONE IS CUT FROM THE ROSTER!  The "evaluation" will allow the cheerleaders with similar experience and ability to be grouped together.  All cheerleaders will practice together, so no one should be discouraged if they are not on the same divisional team as their classmates/friends.

How much does it cost?
FB base registration is $118 ($115 base + $3 service fee through website provider) with a mandatory fundraiser of $60. 
Cheer base registration is $83 ($80 base + $3 service fee through website provider) with a mandatory fundraiser of $60.  Refer this link for information containing important cutoff dates and associated fees, including any late fees!
Fundraiser can be selected to be paid outright (added to base registration), or participation in the fundraiser can constitute fulfillment (or a combination of both).  NOTE:  The $60 is from the profit portion only the club receives from each item sold (usually $2 per item -- 30 items x $2 = $60), and not from the total dollar value of the sales sold.  At the completion of the fundraiser option, any item below the minimum requirement will automatically have $2 per item below added to their online account.

Families with multiple athletes simultaneously participating will receive a family discount.  The first child is 100% of the base registration/fundraiser, but each additional child receives a $15 base registration discount and is required to only fund raise $30 profit (or an additional 15 items on top of the 1st child's full amount).

For instance, a family with 2 FB players will pay $218 ([$115 for 1st and $100 for 2nd = ] $215 base + $3 service fee through website provider) in base registration and will have a commitment of [$60 (or 30 items sold) for 1st and $30 (or 15 additional items sold) for 2nd = ] $90 through fundraising (buyout, fundraiser, or combination).  If at least 45 items were sold during the fundraiser, this family's fundraiser commitment is complete.

A family with 2 Cheerleaders and 1 FB player will pay $248 ([$80 for 1st (cheer), $65 for 2nd (cheer), and $100 for 3rd (football) = ] $245 base + $3 service fee through website provider) and will have a commitment of [$60 (or 30 items sold) for 1st, $30 (or 15 additional items sold) for 2nd, and $30 (or 15 additional items sold) for 3rd = ] $120 (or 60 items sold) through fundraising (buyout, fundraiser, or combination).  If 50 items were sold in total between each wave of the fundraiser, this family would have $20 added to their online account (60 - 50 = 10 x $2 = $20) to complete their fundraiser commitment.

When is registration?
Registration typically opens in the March/April time frame for both FB and Cheer.  Cheer registration will close in the May/June time frame to ensure all the items that are to be ordered can be done so in time for the start of the season.  FB registration will have a late fee added after the May time frame (refer this link for information containing important cutoff dates and associated fees, including any late fees!), but will close for the season around the first Friday following Labor Day.

What equipment do I need to buy?
For the most part, your child's equipment is provided by the club.  For FB, the only equipment you are required to provide is you child's mouth guard and cleats while a sports cup is optional, but will not be provided by the club.  All other equipment is provided by the club to anyone who has completed their registration, including all payments being paid in full (registration and fundraiser requirement).  FB players have the option to purchase a personalized jersey with desired number and name on the back.  These typically cost between $60 and $100, but a loaner jersey will be issued for those who don't purchase a personalized one.  For Cheer, the club provides the uniform.  Cheerleaders will share pom poms.  Other items such as liners and briefs, bow, shoes, jacket, and/or leggings will be provided for purchase through the club.  To get all the other items, the additional cost is roughly $200 (not all the items are required).  These are coordinated through our cheer director.

Any borrowed equipment that is not returned at the proper time will result in a replacement fee.

How do I register my child?

Forms can be found @
Registration instructions are provided here.  Registration Instructions
Register Here!

I followed the registration instructions, but it says I already have an account?
If you've previously registered your child in another sport such as baseball, basketball, etc. that uses the same website provider (Blue Sombrero or Sports Connect), use the login and password from this other sport here as well, or use another email to create a new login.  You can also request your password to be reset if you forgot the other sport's login.  If you previously registered with us, but forgot your login name, please email the club (only information for matching requests will be sent)

How do I upload the required forms for my child?
Forms can be found @
Instructions for uploading required forms are provided here.  Form Upload Instructions

When and where are the practices/games?

FB and Cheer practices will be held at the open field adjacent to the New Oxford Elementary building.
Both practices will begin at 6 PM.  From the 1st practice up to the 1st game, the practices are M through Thur and FB will go until 8 PM every night, while cheer will go to 7:30 PM every night (barring inclement weather).  After the 1st game, the practices are reduced to 3 times a week, typically M, T, and Thur., however if a Monday or Tuesday practice is cancelled for any reason, Wed nights can be used as a makeup night.  The end time will be adjusted as the season progresses due to availability of natural light.

Games and locations will be assigned by the league.  FB Varsity games are either Saturday nights (if home team has lights) or Sunday afternoons, and FB JV games are typically Saturday mornings, but could be played early Saturday afternoons (depending on home team).  The NOCYFC Cheer program is a recreational program only, meaning they do not compete in competitions for prizes or anything, but they will accompany the FB teams at the Varsity games (and JV if numbers require JV squads).  The games schedule can be found at Games Schedule.

Are practices or games ever postponed/cancelled?
Although the coaches and the league never want to postpone/cancel practices and/or games, some times this is unavoidable, especially when weather related.  FB will practice in most weather conditions with the exception of lightning, and in certain extreme heat waves.  Other than this, it is up to each FB head coach to decide what their division will practice in.  With the exception of the 2 weather related instances above, Cheer coaches will make any determination about their practices.  Games can also be cancelled by the league if they cannot get the appropriate officials coverage required to officiate a game.  Other factors can also contribute to this decision.  The best method for knowing the latest status of practice/games is through the communication tools.  FB will use the Game Changer  app (, while Cheer will use the Band app (  Coaches/Board Members will try to give as much advance notice as is possible, but with weather issues, sometimes this will be last minute, but all communication for this will be sent through the apps.

How do I add family members to the Game Changer app?

Just before the official start of each season, the primary account holder's email will be added to the GC team page by the club admins.  From here, select the "Add Family Contacts" button, and enter each additional family member's email that you want to be included and press the "Add" button (as pictured here).  NOTE: only the primary account holder can add the initial family members.  If another family member contacts the club and requests to be added, the club will only add if permission is granted from the primary email holder, or if the additional email is listed as an alternate user in our system.

What is the difference between Varsity and JV for each division?

Each division will have a Varsity level.  If enough FB players signup for a specific division, that division can have a dedicated Varsity squad as well as additional JV squad(s) (depending on numbers).  Cheer will only have JV squad(s) if a FB division has a JV team as well and if the cheer numbers require a JV squad.  The Varsity squad is typically used for players who are more experienced and more aggressive, as they will be going up against similar competition, and similarly, Varsity Cheer is for more experienced cheerleaders and may learn more advanced moves.  Likewise, the JV squad is used as more of a developmental stage for both FB and Cheer, as the FB players will be going up against kids of similar competition level.  This is meant to give each FB player as much playing time in a game as possible as only 11 players are on the field at any given time, and the cheerleaders will learn more of the basics to ensure they're comfortable to learn the advanced material.

JV will practice with varsity, but the games are separate from the Varsity, however the JV games should never be simultaneous with the Varsity games, so if you have multiple children (1 on FB/Cheer Varsity and 1 on JV), you shouldn't have to arrange different personnel to be at the various games.  A separate JV schedule is posted at Games Schedule.
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