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Nov, 2017

The New Oxford Colonials are excited to announce that we have joined the York County Youth Football

The New Oxford Colonials joined the York County Youth Football Association YCYFA in 2018.  This came after careful consideration of what is in the best interests of the students of New Oxford School District and the New Oxford football program as a whole.  Unfortunately, the YAEFL, of which we had been a part for our entire existence, did not allow for all New Oxford students to play for the same program and had other restrictions that we do not believe were in the best interests of our program and our students.  While other programs like Littlestown and Bermudian, which are among the most successful program in the area, have one team for all their students, New Oxford students were not all allowed to play for one program.  We believe it is in the best interests of the New Oxford football program for New Oxford students to learn the same system at the lowest level through the high school program.  Rather than coming together to learn the system in 7th grade, they will learn the same systems from 2nd grade through high school.  We believe this is the way the Scramblers can help return New Oxford’s varsity football program to the top of the YAIAA  We plan to work with the varsity football program to learn their systems and coaching methods so that our players are learning the same systems that are used in middle school and high school.  This will allow our students to develop fundamentals and learn the system at the youngest levels and then hit the ground running as they move up.  While we hope all of our Scrambler teams are competitive, our ultimate goal is to develop football players that understand the fundamentals of this great game, understand the systems of New Oxford football and are ready to compete when they arrive in high school.   But the best part is that every New Oxford student will be able to play together with their friends and the teammates they will play with for their entire New Oxford careers. 

 The YCYFA also allow us to compete against the same teams and programs New Oxford competes against in high school.  The YCYFA includes teams from Spring Grove, Dallastown, Central York, Northeastern and York High.  All of these schools are in Division I of the YAIAA (the only schools without programs in the YCYFA are Red Lion and South Western). By competing against these same programs, we will raise the competitive level of our program and be ready to compete against these schools in high school. 

 So what is different in the YCYFA?

 First, this league follows typical football rules without as many restrictions. There are no weight restrictions.  There are no restrictions on the defense the teams can run.  They have punts, kickoffs and extra points.  We believe you learn by doing.  And now our players will learn more at a younger age. 


Second, the league allows our kids to play football at an earlier age.  While the YAEFL starts in 4th grade, the YCYFA begins at age 7.  The Rink division is for 7-8 year olds.  The Pony division is for 9-10 year olds.  The Midget division is for 11-12. 

There is also an opportunity for kids in 7th grade to continue to play for the Colonials Youth Program rather than moving up to the 7th and 8th grade level.  Again, this should result in more opportunities for the kids to play football rather than stand on the sidelines during games and practices.


Within each division, we will have a varsity and junior varsity team.  This allows us to have kids playing with and against other players of similar skill levels which is in the best interests of all the kids.  Those with more experience, skill and aggressiveness, can play on the varsity.  The JV will allow those with less experience, that are perhaps not as big or as aggressive yet, to play against other similarly situated players.  This allows everyone to play more football too rather than standing on the sidelines.  We think this will raise the competitive level of all of our players and help us now and in the long run.  Again, our plan is not to have the winningest program in youth football, but to build a successful program for the long run. 


We are extremely excited about this change and what it offers.  We hope you are as well.  If you have played for another program in the past, you are welcome to join the New Oxford Colonials Youth Program this year.  There are no guaranteed spots to returning players and every player will have the same opportunities.  As described above, we will have opportunities for kids of all levels.  We expect our program to be very competitive given the talent we currently have in our district.  We are excited about combining all of these teams into one team and bringing a talented group of young athletes together to make the best teams we can.  We believe this is one step that will help return New Oxford football to the top of the YAIAA!

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